Setup and Install Instructions

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  1. Standard Sensor Manual (using App or LED Display) Download
  2. Pro Sensor Manual-LPG (using App or LED Display) Download
  3. Pro Sensor Instructions-Water  Download
  4. Mopeka App Notes Download
  5. Mopeka Wifi Bridge Instructions (includes Google Home and Alexa Setup) Download
  6. Mopeka Tank Heater Instructions Download
  7. Mopeka Pro Plus Sensor (Residential/Bulk; Cellular/BLE) Manual Download

Battery Replacement

Standard and Pro sensors use a single CR2032 battery.
Standalone display uses a single CR2032 battery.
Click the links above for instructions on changing the batteries.

Mopeka App Compatibility

The Mopeka App will work with any phone or tablet that supports Bluetooth 4.0+ and Bluetooth LE technology; running either iOS 11 or higher, or Android 5.0 or higher.