Mopeka Pro Plus Sensor-Residential (Long Range Bluetooth)


The PRO + Sensor combines all the best technology of our ultrasonic sensing for the best sensor performance ever, using long range Bluetooth communications to monitor tanks from the Mopeka App.  Approximately 3x the range of a normal Bluetooth sensor, this sensor is ideal for tanks located a long distance from the house.  Can also be used in conjunction with a Mopeka Wifi Bridge to monitor tanks when outside of Bluetooth range.
LPG Tanks: All steel LPG tanks up to 1000 gallons, horizontal or vertical cylinders; above ground only.
Mounting: Mounts to bottom by magnets.
How to read level: Free Mopeka Check APP on your smartphone or tablet.
Power: 2 AAA (Energizer Ultimate Lithium only, included)

Includes 1 Sonic Grease packet.


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