Mopeka warranties all products for 1 year. We have a stellar reputation for standing behind our products and taking care of our customers.  Please use the contact page for any questions.

We typically recommend no more than 20 sensors synced to a single device. The App can handle as many as you wish, however response will slow as the phone tries to handle the Bluetooth signals of all the devices.

The LED Display is designed to be used with 2 sensors installed on a 20, 30, or 40 lb LPG cylinder.  But you may use only the Mopeka App, only the LED Display, or both.

Line of sight can be up to 300 feet.  But range, of course, is mostly affected by obstructions between the sensor and phone.  When installed on an RV, the sensor will be detectable practically anywhere in the trailer.  When installed on a tank outside a house or building, it typically can be detected thru at least one wall, and often throughout most rooms in the house.

The sensor battery lasts approximately 1 year but it obviously depends on operating conditions such as temperature.  The battery will generally last longer in warmer environments. Standard sensors are configurable to reduce the Bluetooth broadcast by 1/2, effectively doubling the life.  And Pro sensors are configurable to up to 1/10 of the normal Bluetooth broadcast.

See our instructions page.

Yes, but all sensors have an onboard temperature sensor to compensate for the temperature changes.

Yes! The liquid/gas ratio within a tank changes with temperate.  Mopeka sensors are so accurate, the detect that change when the temperature drops overnight.

It is only required when using a Bridge to enable remote monitoring off your sensor.

The Mopeka App compensates for this mix. It is controlled by the country you select in the app.

The Mopeka App, besides offering the preset standard tank sizes for your country, has an arbitrary setting for both vertical and horizontal tanks. Simply measure your tank height and enter in the appropriate field.

Mopeka has demonstrated 1% total repeatability with its ultrasonic technology. Most float gauges state a total accuracy of 12% or more.   So Mopeka sensors have become the choice of many industrial and monitoring applications.

Not all tanks need spacers. Some vertical cylinders (with foot ring) have adequate clearance for the sensor.  However, we always recommend spacers for vertical cylinders that sit on the ground, to improve Bluetooth range.  Large vertical cylinders like 100 lb (45kg) cylinders and 420 gallon vertical tanks, we recommend placing the cylinder on at least 2 blocks, to allow more open area for Bluetooth signal.  When using a cylinder that sits in a tray, for example on an RV, or in grill, where the tray is off the ground, spacers typically are not required unless there is not clearance for the sensor.  Sensors should not be contacted by tray or ground.

Spacers add .275 inches (7mm) clearance.

The Halo adds .160 inches (4mm) clearance.

Pro and Standard sensors are .295 inches (7.3mm) in height. Please allow a little extra clearance to ensure sensors are not touched when in normal position.

The Mopeka App will work with any phone or tablet that supports Bluetooth 4.0+ and Bluetooth LE technology; running either iOS 11 or higher, or Android 5.0 or higher.