Accuracy Above Everything

Find out how Mopeka's patented sonar powered tank monitoring system can benefit you or your business

Accuracy Above Everything

Find out how our sonar powered tank monitoring system can benefit you or your business


Mopeka Sonar Tank Monitoring

Mopeka® is the global leader in sonar tank monitoring solutions. Our portfolio of award-winning and patented Sonar, Mobile and Cloud based services and solutions can help all liquid-based firms including Propane, Butane, Water, Anhydrous and other liquid commodities better manage existing volumes and streamline supply chain management. We provide solutions for both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks, ranging from residential 20lb grills and RV tanks, right through to industrial tanks greater than 90,000 gallons. We believe in “Accuracy Above Everything.” 

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Easy Install

The sensors install easily with their built-in super magnetic mounts, or custom adhesive  collars. Any tank size, any tank condition — no tank changes needed. No Technical Resources needed. You're up and running in minutes.

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Remote/Mobile Tank Monitoring

Easy monitoring of tank levels and usage. The collected data by the Cloud, alerts both consumer and supplier to low liquid levels. The collected data/telemetry is securely stored in the Cloud and connects to your Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop environment to alert suppliers and/or customers of low liquid levels, possible leaks, projected runout dates and trends.

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Streamline Operations

No more runouts, no more being caught off-guard. Consumers and suppliers can be alerted to real-time tank inventory levels at easily customizable thresholds on a per tank basis. Enabling greater scheduling flexibility and ultimately fewer deliveries with bigger drop sizes. Operate your business with accuracy and confidence. At Mopeka, we value accuracy above everything and are the providers of the premier choice for complete tank monitoring solutions.

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Mopeka warranties products between 1-3 years from manufacturing defects. We stand behind our products and prioritize our customer care. For exact product warranty details, please refer to our Products page.

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Latest News

Mopeka® Expands Connectivity Solutions with Globalstar Satellite Integration

Mopeka®, a distinguished leader in Sonar Tank Monitoring Solutions, is thrilled to unveil an innovative addition to their communication protocols. This enhancement involves the integration of Globalstar's satellite connectivity to extend the capability of Mopeka's existing suite of options, which includes Bluetooth, WiFi, and Global 4G LTE networks. This expansion empowers Mopeka's clientele with a cost-effective and highly reliable means of connecting to their sensors, regardless of their location anywhere in the world.


Keep easy track of your tank levels from anywhere.

With Mopeka you can monitor your tank levels from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop using Mopeka's free app and a low-cost monthly communication fee. Our sensor works on 20lb cylinders to up to >90,000-gallon bulk storage tanks*. using Mopeka's freely downloadable apps - Mopeka Co-Pilot or Mopeka Tank Check, you can unlock true inventory visibility within your organization with the ability to open this visibility to your suppliers and customers to create true differentiation. Stay ahead of your competition and  always be in the know with Mopeka - the most accurate, reliable, scalable, convenient and affordable tank monitoring solution. Accuracy above everything.

* Will work on larger tanks and vessels dependent on tank configuration, dimensions, and locations

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At Mopeka we believe in accuracy above everything, and most importantly we look at our customers as true partners in the industry. We do business based on trust, respect and honor. If you need to reach us, or any of our global network of Business Partners and Distributors, we're here to help.

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